je komunitní web českých vývojářů, zaměřený především na webový vývoj za použití open source technologií. je komunitní web českých vývojářů, zaměřený především na webový vývoj za použití open source technologií.

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    Independent software gardener, libertarian, web applications consultant and trainer. Google Developer Expert for HTML5 and Google Closure Tools.
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    David Grudl (znám též pod přezdívkou DGX, * 23. ledna 1978) je český programátor, podnikatel a publicista. Je znám především díky převaděči textu do XHTML Texy!, PHP frameworku Nette Framework, databázovému layeru Dibi a svému blogu La Trine.
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    Pracuju pro Seznam a pro sebe, pracoval jsem mimo jiné pro Google. Napsal jsem Jak psát web. Říká se o mě, že rozumím webu.
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    Since year 2000, my professional career is connected with PHP and web development. I program mainly in PHP connected to MySQL with usage of JavaScript on the client side. After several years spent professionally in Czech Republic, I got an offer from Facebook to work in California. I co-created a new Facebook photo viewer and then moved to a Developer Tools team working on the code collaboration tool Phabricator. I am author of the book 1001 Tips and Tricks for PHP and I am listed as one of eight current authors of the official PHP Manual since 2003. I have also written tens of technical articles both for Internet magazines and for my weblog. I presented on several international conferences. I also taught web development on Charles University in Prague and I conducted my own seminars (Security, Performance, PHP, PHP 5, MySQL, and JavaScript). Apart my regular job, I have also created couple of my own projects: card game written in Delphi, web database management console, PHP library for simple reading data from database, and JavaScript syntax highlighter. I'm obsessed with security and performance. I love creating applications that are secure by design, not by set of rules engineers have to obey. I hate slow and inefficient applications. This passion is not only about the application speed but also about the efficiency of users interacting with the application - if there's an extra step required somewhere then I have to eliminate it. Specialties: PHP, security, performance, logical web design JavaScript, jQuery, HTML, CSS SQL, database design, replication Git, SVN
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    I have done mostly (web) application development for past few years, mainly in Python (as it suited best for my tasks). Some of them were part of larger application I helped to design. Currently, I'm mostly intrested in ways to take best from agile (TDD, BDD, short iterations et al) and more rigorous (testing and testability, processes, scalability) of development techniques, as well as developer testing techniques and tasks automation. I am looking to improve and learn about practical NoSQL (done things with MongoDB, looking for voldermort, couch, hbase/hadoop and friends), data/text mining (and practical applications like social media monitoring, advanced recommendation systems et al), practical Erlang, F#/.NET, real-time web: Comet HTTP abuse and it's successors. I'm not fluent in those, but being able to learn and practice them during my job would be greately appreciated. My long-term interest also includes project management (especially of small teams), pragmatic view of social networks, distributed software environments, collaborative editing, publishing, tabletop role-playing games (development and design), podcasting (recording podcast about czech RPG scene) and looking for ways to work without computers. Specialties:software architecture, (web) application development, Python, Django, database design and management (MySQL, FireBird, bits of PostgreSQL), automation, test driven development, agile development
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