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Founded by 3 experienced streaming, hosting and computer vision experts, Click2Stream, Inc. set out on a mission to make network cameras smarter and streaming live video and audio from them simpler. First we created the simplest solution for hassle-free private or public streaming from network cameras regardless of their brand and make. Then we launched the world's first app-store for advanced computer vision and video analytics apps. All running securely in the cloud. With no need to invest in infrastructure by our customers. Click2Stream is currently serving customers from more than 100 countries around the world, either directly or via a growing network of professional reseller partners. At the same time we're working with top security camera producers on integration of our camera streaming solution directly into their camera firmware. And we've established relationships with numerous universities, researchers and specialized companies producing newer and more advanced computer vision algorithms and turning them into new apps for our app-store. With these partnerships we are able to combine millions of cameras and apps into a smart Big Data platform ready to tackle such large tasks as prediction of traffic jams, kidnappings, automatic recognition of street fights and subsequent alarms and much more.

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