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Velodyne's Director of Sales & Marketing, Wolfgang Juchmann will be presenting Velodyne's unique real-time, 3D LiDAR sensors popular for Mobile Mapping mounted on terrestrial, maritime and airborne platforms.With 32/64 lasers and detectors spinning at up to 20Hz, point clouds of a 360º environment can measure distance and reflectivities at a rate of 1.3M data points per second. The multiple beam and detector configuration not only enhances the data capturing rate to one of the fastest commercially on the market, but also allows measuring geo-spatial objects from different angles thereby minimizing shadows and dead spots. The calibrated reflectivity data allows for easy detection of retro-reflectors like street-signs, lane-markings and license plates.Wolfgang's presentation will introduce the advantages of Velodyne's sensors paired with real life examples based on customer experiences in the world of mapping, autonomous driving and even for security and surveillance applications.

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