It WorkX for Secretaries - User Adoption at Saxion University

by · Nov 6, 2013 · 1 061 views ·

Spiders in the web at Saxion! How secretaries are the way to get adoption going. Saxion WorX is the New Way of Work (NWOW) program at Saxion. Saxion WorX stands for result-oriented, efficient and enjoyable work, regardless of place and time. It uses innovative technology to guide our students' studies as optimally as possible.IBM Connections is used as the primary platform for collaboration and knowledge sharing, called ‘Connect'. Secretary WorX is a co-creation secretary adoption program that focuses on secretaries and PA's. Secretaries started their journey together to define their persona, define their work and their role as ‘spiders in the web'. As they went along they also defined all the tools, agreements and behaviour necessary to be this result-oriented, efficient worker that enjoys doing her work from any place and time – provided that secretaries become more personal effective for them selfs and the organization. This actually got them to ‘get' Connections for what it can do for them.Join this session if you want to learn about the program, the way we did this and how we made it fun and ‘of themselves'.

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