Existence of global weak solutions to compressible isentropic finitely extensible nonlinear bead-spring chain models for dilute polymers

od · 23. září 2014 · 1 686 zhlédnutí ·


Endre Süli, Mathematical Institute, University of Oxford, Oxford OX2 6GG, UK Joint work with John W. Barrett We prove the existence of global-in-time weak solutions to a general class of models that arise from the kinetic theory of dilute solutions of nonhomogeneous compressible polymeric liquids, where the polymer molecules are idealized as bead-spring chains with finitely extensible nonlinear elastic (FENE) type spring potentials. The class of models under consideration involves the unsteady, compressible, isentropic, isothermal Navier-Stokes system in a bounded domain in two or three space dimensions, coupled to a high-dimensional Fokker-Planck equation.