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We use design to deal with waste. Contiqua innovates the usual manufacturing process through creative design. Every manufacturing business generates a certain amount of leftover materials, which offer no further value, ending up safely disposed of at best. Considering the limited resources of today's world, it is essential to strive to reach the limits of their effective use. Taking up the challenge, Contiqua presents a concept of creative leftover materials utilization. Contiqua keeps track of leftover materials in big businesses and stores the data in the Library of Materials, for the use of designers, architects, fashion designers, jewellers and other creative contributors. In order to give life to individual products, we look for suitable manufacturers, capable of meeting some of the most demanding quality requirements. Often it is best to work with the company that the scrap materials come from, since they understand their own goods best. We mainly focus on materials that are difficult to recycle, or that lose a lot of their added value in the process. These provide the greatest environmental and manufacturing effectiveness benefits and are quite appropriate for design work. We believe that using design to deal with waste makes sense, what about you?

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