MariaDB - what's different in this MySQL variant

by · Sep 14, 2014 · 1 440 views ·

You've heard of MySQL and you may have heard of Percona Server. Learn about MariaDB, the newest kid on the block, made by the original people who brought you MySQL, and how it can help web developers play nice with their database. Some highlights include: * Using microsecond precision & type, plus compatibility with MySQL's implementation * Using subqueries, and making use of the different optimizer * Using GIS (2D), spatial types and sorting out your mapping needs including practical examples like parsing GPX data files (natively or via the CONNECT engine) * Using regular expressions with PCRE extensions * When do you use virtual columns? * How do you utilize dynamic columns, which are like blobs with handler functions? * Using various storage engines in your queries: SphinxSE for full-text search, connecting to a Cassandra cluster, making use of ODBC & other various data sources via CONNECT (eg. joining data from Microsoft SQL Server with MariaDB is entirely possible), and automatic sharding in the database via SPIDER.

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