Love and profit

by · Oct 27, 2014 · 1 907 views ·

I believe in people and the power of commerce to liberate our greatest work and best lives. We just need to add one ingredient sorely missing from most of business -- Love. Used properly this can be our greatest asset. Bring your true self to work, lead like you love your people, and innovate like you love your customers. Those are the reasons they will love you back and reward you with loyalty, fulfillment, and growth. This is what people are looking for, this is what the world needs, and this is what will lead us to our most enriching successes. This is my work, turning love into actionable strategies that produce authentic success. Over the last 11 years I've been a digital marketing producer, brand strategist, student of leadership, e-commerce team leader in social enterprise, full-time meditator, innovation consultant, and founder of Love & Profit. If you and I think alike then let's talk and find a way to work together with a presentation, training, or collaborative project. Together we can use business to make our lives and the world better.

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