People Over Pixels: Meaningful UX That Scales

by · Apr 1, 2015 · 1 037 views ·

Whether you’re the sole UXer, the member of a growing team, or part of an existing giant, you need strategies and methods that fit where you are now and are nimble enough to get you where you’re going. And, especially in companies where UX is thankless, you have to have a grip on how you make a difference in the lives of others. After all, why does a user’s experience matter—not just to a organization, but in a broader sense? And, if we can find a deeper meaning in designing for others, how can that help us achieve business goals? Design is finally getting some attention in the broader tech world, and we ought to realize the importance of that opportunity and capitalize on it for the good of everyone. You might be surprised at how a focus on helping people actually results in the metrics that everyone cares about, like user happiness and team efficiency—and that I can back it up with statistics you can take back with you. Join me as we talk about the foundation of great UX and how to scale our methods. Subtle shifts in thinking can help us continually improve our work for the benefit of everyone it touches, because every great UX method is based in the humanity that surrounds us.

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