Supermassive Black Holes: The Monsters in the Hearts of Galaxies

by · Jun 13, 2015 · 720 views ·

The 'Evening with the Stars' program gives the public a chance to experience Lick Observatory at night! Activities include an astronomy talk by a "star" scientist, viewings through both the historic 36-inch Great Lick Refractor telescope and 40-inch Nickel Reflector telescope, a fascinating talk about Lick Observatory's rich history, after-hours gift shop access, light refreshments, and astronomy discussions with amateur astronomers using their own ground telescopes. Dr. Martin Gaskell specializes in understanding the tremendous outpourings of energy from the centers of galaxies as their supermassive black holes devour nearby gas and stars. Martin will describe how our understanding of the remarkable happenings in the extreme environments around supermassive black holes has grown in the century since Lick Observatory astronomers discovered the first evidence for strange activity in the centers of galaxies. As well as being an astronomer, Martin is also active as a composer of classical music.

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