Snacking, Gorging, and Cannibalizing: The Feeding Habits of Black Holes

by · Aug 15, 2014 · 517 views ·

Dr. Steve Croft is an Assistant Project Astronomer with interests in black holes, large radio surveys, and transient and variable astronomical sources. He works in the Astronomy Department at UC Berkeley, where he helped commission the Allen Telescope Array for science operations. He got his PhD from the University of Oxford, working on actively feeding supermassive black holes in galaxy cluster environments. He then worked as a postdoctoral researcher at the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, studying distant galaxy clusters, as well as investigating a fascinating burst of star formation triggered by a jet from a nearby black hole. Steve is an expert in the use of data at a wide range of wavelengths from many different telescopes, including the Shane Telescope at Lick Observatory. He is active in after-school and informal education, and is currently working with local high school students to send a weather balloon to the edge of space.

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