Jorn Laursen: How to apply for CSDP missions

Jul 31, 2015 · 1,085 views ·

Working for the IOs. What do I need to know? Practical advice and lessons learned in landing a job with international agencies. (Mission HR, interviews practicing, including dry runs with a follow up on does and don’ts, candidate profiles) Mr. Laursen is a Human resources expert at the European External Action Service responsible for the recruitment to CSDP missions since 2010. He previously served for more than thirty years in the Copenhagen police where he reached the rank of Police Chief Superintendent in 2001. He then held numerous posts including Head of Personal of Copenhagen Police, Course director for Advanced Senior Police Management Course, Chief of Staff of the Riot Squad Dpt. or Chief of Staff of the Police Station Amager, Copenhagen. His formation includes numerous courses at the Danish Police Academy, as well as trainings on EU and UN civilian missions’ implementation and coordination.