Staying Relevant In An Animated Future

by · Sep 20, 2015 · 885 views ·

Do you remember how when deleting a pass in iOS Passbook the pass used to be torn apart, as if going through a paper shredder? Apart from being a fine example of skeuomorphism going overboard, it made it abundantly clear what just had happened: your pass got deleted. It’s gone, and you’ll never see it again. Also, some fun was had. Animations are great for adding personality to an experience, but also for explaining to the user what’s going on. In fact, as soon as anything changes in your app, that change would be easier to understand if it was animated. In this talk, we’ll look at how animation is a vital part of every digital experience, and how to work with it in a world where static mockups are the de facto way of defining a design.

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