Reinvigorate Your Marketing: Breathe New Life into the Top 3 Most Neglected Marketing Activities in B2B

by · Oct 13, 2015 · 507 views ·

In digital marketing, new trends are born and die every minute. It can be hard to see what works and what doesn’t through the endless stream of innovations. A/B testing, Lead Scoring, and Marketing Automation have lasted the test of time, yet we see many companies still not using their full potential. Whether it is due to a lack of manpower, poor content, different priorities, or any one of a number of other excuses, digital marketers have been neglecting these tried and tested methods for some time now. In this session, you will see how your digital marketing efforts can be reinvigorated by reactivating: * A/B testing – Be inspired by this real example as well as others that reveal that conversion rates are not the only decision metrics for A/B testing. * Lead Scoring – Learn its true potential through this real-life example and discover the five most common mistakes made with Lead Scoring. * Marketing Automation – Get energized by this real-life success story and also see that MA is more than just increasing engagement, it is also about removing boring, routine, and uninspiring work which leads to poor marketing campaigns.

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