Why Content Marketing is a Waste of Time… and What You Should be Doing Instead

by · Oct 14, 2015 · 517 views ·

With the internet and social media came the idea that brands could be publishers – owning channels where they could market to consumers directly. And now content marketing has grown to a $32.3 billion industry. Some brands even questioned buying and earning media at all. Why not just become the media? In fact brands like Red Bull and others have become true media companies. But in an age of infobesity when there’s more noise than ever with five exabytes of content created each day, do people really want more media? Is engagement through media the best option we have? Is there a better way for brands to connect with audiences? Leigh George, PhD, CEO of freedom, will explore these issues and more in an energy packed session full of actionable insights. You will learn: * Why building your strategy around media and content – paid, earned and owned platforms – is all wrong * How to escape the highly competitive content marketing landscape where it’s nearly impossible to stand out * What is a new model for engagement and action that prioritizes your brand’s relationship with your audiences over media platforms

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