Using VoC Insights, Human Data and Personalization to Drive Double-digit Increases in Response and Engagement

by · Oct 14, 2015 · 364 views ·

DMA Marketing Hall of Famer Ernan Roman will present transformational Voice of Customer (VoC) research findings regarding the extremely personalized communications and experiences now expected by B2B and B2C buyers. The research indicates that notwithstanding privacy concerns, buyers are willing to provide very detailed company or personal information to enable brands to deliver highly personalized communications and experiences. So, it’s not about BtoB or BtoC or Big Data. It’s about BtoH, using Business to Human Data to drive personalized customer experiences which result in double-digit increases in response and engagement. Ernan will also show you how to use the Reciprocity of Value Equation to obtain this deep human data. Alongside Ernan, Alexandra Press Maguire, Gilt’s Director of Acquisition and Reengagement, will explain how the flash sale pioneer and luxury marketing innovator has used VoC insights to achieve remarkably high levels of customer engagement and drive skyrocketing sales, propelling Gilt to rank as #49 among all online retailers by 2012, just five years after launching. Alexandra will share their best practices for delivering highly personalized customer experiences across the complex, multifaceted, omnichannel mix. This session will conclude with 9 Action Items for transforming your omnichannel Customer Experience.

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