Kristine Jensen and Iwona Wilczek lecture in Prague

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Kristine Jensen: On site and off site Heritage site, a cemetery and a project for a new urban city space. All show different ways of rethinking access to nature and landscape within social structures in the modern city perimeter. What do these sites tell as found, what do they have in common and what do they offer as platforms in the search for landscape architecture to come? Urban spaces are places where we meet in the city, the 4 works in urban spaces shows both new settlements and transformation of existing environments. But the aim is to transform the spaces of the city into sensuous reflected attractions that relate to both people and places as cultural sites. As the city is subject to constant change, the program for the use of an urban space needs to be open minded to an extend that allows and reflects time and change again and again. We are always aware of involving history in our projects, and we see conservation as a source of inspiration for the development of the forth coming identities. Urban spaces are not mere voids between buildings but places where we meet ourselves both past and present. These works with urban spaces of transformation includes an ongoing investigation of how we perceive our surroundings. The mere creativity is born out of these reflections and therefore nature, weather, the change of seasons as well materials and social programs are always used with creating sensuous experiences in mind. Iwona Wilczek: Dreams and reality The architectural profession gives me the ability to turn ideas into real and tangible objects. Every visit on one of our building sites comes with this feeling of good decisions taken during the design process. I will tell about the work of a small, non-commercial studio in a town in south Poland. I will talk about teamwork, endless discussions, about what we did and what plans we have. I will speak about the reality of this work for me as a woman, about people we work with and most important things in this profession. Iwona Wilczek graduated from the Faculty of Architecture at Wrocław University of Technology in Poland in 2002, also studied at Dresden University of Technology. Co-founder, along with Mariusz Tenczyński db2 architekci studio. They are authors of Open Air Museum Office Building in Opole, nominated for Mies van der Rohe Award 2009. They were awarded for this building with SARP Award for the best realized building in 2008. Studio is engaged in designing public buildings, private houses, exhibition and trade fair spaces. They take part in competitions. Both Iwona and Mariusz work as teachers at the Technical University in Opole.

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