Strategies for Earned & Owned Backed by Web Presence Analytics

by · Dec 8, 2015 · 491 views ·

The new SEO requires new analytics. In a digital world where SEO now stands for Strategies for Earned and Owned, digital marketers seeking ultimate discoverability and engagement of brand content have more channels, data, measurement and reporting complexities than ever before. The rise in importance of publishing off-site content has caused blatant gaps in traditional web analytics thus causing an incomplete picture of content marketing performance. The questions, who is engaging with my content, what content is performing and in what channel, where is the prospect in the sales funnel and what path did the prospect take to conversion are all answerable with full web presence analytics. This presentation will focus the user the importance of: -Data in decision making for earned and owned digital strategies. -Effective distribution and measurement of content. -Data-driven influencer marketing. -Solutions for tracking it all.

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