Flexible UX for Content + Commerce + Customer Experience

by · Dec 8, 2015 · 533 views ·

We’ve begun the next step in the commerce game: flexible user experiences that incorporate wearables, widgets and writing content that pulls from and pushes to all channels. Flexible frameworks aren’t just for storytelling and marketing, they’re the mechanism to touch points across devices and designs. As more brands adopt customer experience platforms rather than standard content management systems, the opportunities are endless. During this session we’ll talk about how Disney is taking customer experience the omnichannel route, what that means for the competition and how we can learn from it. Ideas we’ll explore in this session include: -Flexible UX as the key to offering content and design for all multichannel scenarios. -Creating modularity for content types, based on functional needs is the key to providing a seamless experience. -Designing for reuse and consistency across devices brings personalization to a new level. -We should always be designing for speed and accuracy in commerce environments. -Flexible UX isn’t just for online content; It spans the entire customer experience.

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