ISPRS Opening ceremony - Jürgen Dold

by · Jul 12, 2016 · 1 492 views ·

From when the first humans stopped their nomadic ways to farm the land during the Agricultural Revolution to the creation of the steam engine and cotton gin ushering in the Industrial Revolution, change has been a constant since the beginning. Today, in the midst of the Digital Revolution, the geospatial industry plays a key role in understanding where we are now and where we are going. As the old saying goes, the only thing that is continuing in this age is everything is changing. As new technologies consistently advance our world, guiding, positioning and visualizing solutions guide us through this latest digital disruption. From managing land and city assets to understanding deviations in critical infrastructure, professionals around the world are creating digital realities to accurately understand their worlds and better execute their work. With this newest capability, the possibilities of human ingenuity are limitless. Discover what is, what can be, and how to achieve success in these digital realities as Hexagon Geosystems President Juergen Dold shares geospatial technology's effective management of this rapid change.

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