The Digital Nomad Marketing Strategy

by · Jul 14, 2016 · 299 views ·

When you bet on platforms or set up property, you miss where human customer behavior is evolving. When you crunch too much data, you miss the bits of information that really help you determine how to execute a truly unique and successful business strategy. While the world is over inundated with discussions on using platforms like search, social, messaging, email, out of home channels, the digital nomad marketer doesn’t see siloed platforms but a holistic world of opportunity and experiences where mashing all of these platforms together based on the evolution of human experience and where their customers live, not where they want to force their customers to go. In this session you will learn about design, communications, experience and the nomadic world we are entering where audience science determines your strategy, where customers dictate the development of your products, services, even creating the content for your marketing based on the inspiration you create! In this session you’ll learn: Using the analogy of a mobile and ownerless society, why owning everything on your digital properties and websites isn’t customer-centric or a best practice anymore. How the best creatives hack the rules to come up with innovative and creative marketing that drives more results. Why branded content is an oxymoron and it’s best to design your content like customers for better immersion. By thinking about how people live and behave in the world is the starting point of all modern marketing strategy and a total inversion from how marketing has been taught and executed for the last 50 years.

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