How to Build an Attribution Model For The Modern Consumer

by · Jul 26, 2016 · 78 views ·

When your team is asked to do more with less,.. time, money and people,.. in 2016. You truly need to understand your whole customer journey and attribute the right conversions for growth. The attribution model Duane built can work for any startup or brand looking for profitable growth. It gives marketing teams a bird’s-eye view of what is and isn’t working, i.e. what campaigns are not just driving brand awareness but also getting customers to purchase your product. This is important because the goal of each person in marketing isn’t to just grow their channel; it’s to grow the business as a whole. Are you ready to meet the modern consumer and grow your business in 2016? After this session you’ll be able to: Build an attribution framework to support your business Integrate your paid media data in a multi-channel environment Understand which assisted conversions are profitable Stop wasting money on campaigns that don’t perform and put your time, money and people on campaigns that do

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