Reactive Programming Basics

by · Aug 4, 2016 · 244 views ·

Presentation: Learn the basics of reactive programming with Microsoft reactive extensions for .NET (Rx). Bring your applications to a higher realtime data analysis level. In this session, we will take an overview of reactive programming, Rx methods and operations and we will see a real-world example of streaming data analysis. Antonio Esposito is a Microsoft Certified Trainer, software architect, father, son, and lover of cooking and eating. He was addicted to computer programming from age 8, developer from 2002, and speaker from 2010. He moved across all Europe in the last fifteen years working as freelance consultant or speaker for companies such as UniCredit Bank, Ferrari F1 Racing Team, Microsoft Italy, IBM, and many others. He actively attends as speaker at a lot of conferences such as MCT Summit and WPC Italy. He is already an author for Packt with Learning .NET High Performance Programming in 2014.