How to managed to make a living out of playing with computers

by · Aug 4, 2016 · 153 views ·

Presentation: I want to share my 40 years of experience of playing with computers and helping other to understand them too. From helping people to use programmable calculators to assisting clients to move to the could and training them in the process. Luc Dorpmans works as a trainer and consultant in The Netherlands. Luc has more than 30 years of experience in helping customers to implement IT as a solution in the best way possible way. He has done this by advising management and assisting, supporting and training IT employees. Luc has been training students since the late 1980’s, starting with spreadsheet and database applications and later Windows NT, Systems Management Server and Proxy Server. The last few years his interests in Microsoft’s management products have evolved with the move towards virtualization and now he focuses on the entire System Center product suite and how these products can be used effectively together to manage an entire IT environment. Over the decades he has spoken on numerous events, large and small, on various IT related subjects. As a trainer and speaker Luc has the ability to explain complex topics in easy-to-understand terms.

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