Branding: The Experience Effect

by · Aug 20, 2016 · 525 views ·

Media: 1. "My dad's story": Dream for My Child | MetLife 2. Guinness: Barnes Sisters 3. Heartwarming Coca -Cola Life commercial from Argentina showing trials tribulations parenting - #kids 4. Combantrin Crawl 5. Tide TV Commercial - Dad Mom 6. #HowWeFamily | TYLENOL® 7. Always #LikeAGirl 8. First Moon Party 9. Tylenol #HowWeFamily - Redwood O’Hare Jim will lead an exciting and highly interactive session on brand marketing for personal and business brands. He will discuss what it takes to be a brand by looking at some of the biggest brands on the planet, and then he will make it personal, by demonstrating the power of personal branding for entrepreneurs and small business owners. No one is closer to their customers than a small business owner, so come learn how to build loyalty with them.

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