How to Revolutionize Your Brand through Search Optimization

by · Aug 23, 2016 · 25 views ·

While the concepts of chat bots, artificial intelligence and voice search can sound very pie in the sky, I have actual tactical advice -backed by solid research!- for search marketers, PPC/SEA and SEO. In this session, Purna Virji will share some research on how voice has grown and why, plus what we’re seeing it used for commonly—but that’s just the intro. For the main part, you’ll get in-depth, actionable advice on: How to protect your brand in a conversational world How to make more money thanks to voice search: Keyword research and selection Bidding and targeting strategy Creative optimization Key local and mobile tips marketers can’t afford to ignore (Why? Voice search is 3 x more likely to have local intent!) How voice search impacts different parts of the sales funnel

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