SEO for Executives

by · Aug 23, 2016 · 79 views ·

You’re an executive with too many things under your purview, the last thing you have time for is keeping up with the myriad changes Google is making. You’re not sure what to make of the landscape, who are the right partners or how to set the strategy for your organization. So how do you stay on top of SEO? In this session, iPullRank founder Mike King, gets you up to speed on everything you need to know about Search Engine Optimization to make the right decisions about Organic Search for your organization. In this session you will learn: What changes Google has made that can make a material impact on your business goals. How to strategically execute modern SEO How to effectively measure SEO results for business impact How to make the right SEO hire How to find the right SEO partner What tools your team should be using to do effective enterprise-level SEO

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