Empower the masses! But don’t let data democratization become anarchy.

by · Sep 23, 2016 · 214 views ·

Data democratization and citizen data scientist are hyped buzzwords we nowadays see and hear every day. Those terms basically describe a new interest of businesses in empowering individuals in the field of business intelligence and analytics, overcoming the lethargy of centralized IT. We will show how cloud-based technologies like Microsoft Azure/Power BI and GoodData facilitate this trend. The general idea, however, is not entirely new. We used to call it shadow or stealth IT – with all related challenges in terms of data governance and compliance. Luckily, there are also advances in this field, which help leveraging flexibility and agility without losing sight of just as important goals like traceability and reproducibility. Again, we will tackle these issues with hands-on examples using the Accurity data governance toolset. After all, a democracy without laws and government would be nothing but anarchy!

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