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Mo Loschelder is a longstanding force in the Berlin electronic music scene. In her seminar, she shares her experiences as a music producer, DJ, promoter, label owner, booking agent and curator with the aim to encourage other women to forge ahead with their own practises, and to generally raise awareness of the importance of tackling gender imbalances in our music scenes. Next to sharing practical experiences, that are valuable to women and men alike, Loschelder will introduce female pioneers of electronic music since the 1940s until today. She will also provide information on useful networks and databases of and for women in today’s electronic music scenes. The seminar closes with an open discussion that will draw together the various threads relevant for the current situation of women in the field: historical developments, education, difference and sameness, wide-spread sexism, persistent conventions and clichés, new opportunities and old challenges, affirmative action, self-empowerment and networks ... and the troubles and profound satisfactions of going on stage. Mo Loschelder studied painting with Gerhard Richter in Düsseldorf, before she moved to Berlin in 1991, where she became a central figure within Berlin`s emerging Techno-scene as a DJ and music producer, co-founder of the label Elektro Music Department, and as one of the people behind Berlin’s legendary Elektro and Panasonic clubs. Today she runs the artist agency Media Loca, and organizes thematic events, such as Perspectives festival, Continuity and Change: Energy and Society after Fukushima, or Heroines of Sound, a Berlin-based festival that focuses on women in electronic music and on female pioneers in the field. http://www.heroines-of-sound.com/ http://www.media-loca.com/

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