Deep Dive Into the Gradle-Based Android Build System

by · Sep 29, 2016 · 34 views ·

This class will provide an in-depth tour of the new Android build system, which was designed to elegantly deal with the diversity of the Android ecosystem and the demands of modern development practices. We will go through its concepts and features such as variant support and the latest performance improvements. We will give a sneak preview of a new major version of the Gradle Android plugin, which comes with another massive boost for performance, variant aware dependency management and an easier yet more powerful configuration model. Hans Dockter will also show you the latest features of Gradle and how they are used in Gradle Inc’s mission to improve developer productivity and the overall developer experience. - The early adopter version of the Gradle Distributed cache that will become production ready later this year. - The latest milestone of using Kotlin for writing Gradle build scripts which now also works for Android builds and comes with amazing IDE support. - A demo the new Gradle Build Scan service which provides you with deep insights into build and developer productivity in your team and organization. - The new Gradle composite build feature which lets users enable arbitrary combinations of Gradle builds to work together. We will demo how you can use this feature to elegantly support typical workflows in a multi-repo environment including IDE integration. - The latest Gradle performance updates.

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