Healing People, Healing Policies: The Political Implications of Psychedelic Research

by · Sep 30, 2016 · 214 views ·

The effectiveness of psychedelic therapy has far-reaching implications, as its efficacy challenges the current mental health paradigm, the drug war, and even the military industrial complex. Psychedelic therapy works by encouraging individuals to address the root of their trauma. Thus, psychedelic therapy as a modality forces us to examine the societal and political sources of trauma on a larger scale: social injustice. Psychedelic research, therefore, has the tremendous potential to influence systems and policies to prevent and heal— rather than create and perpetuate— trauma. As Black Lives Matter co-founder Patrisse Khan-Cullors said, “We can change policies all day but if the fight to get there was full of trauma, was replicating oppressive dynamics, abusive dynamics, then what is the point?” As people continue to act and vote out of fear, how can we elevate the role of psychedelics in facilitating healing justice, at the intersection of mental health and social justice?

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