Full Spectrum Harm-Reduction

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Brun Gonzalez is a young Mexican activist who has been involved in drug policy since 2009; he is currently the harm reduction program coordinator of the youth-led Mexican-based organisation Espolea and works as a peer educator within the Youth Institute of Mexico City developing peer-led campaigns on harm reduction and drug policy reform. He has been involved in the creation of several projects and initiatives both for injected and non-injected substance use like the Substance Analysis Program (P.A.S.) and the nightlife interventions that are being implemented in Mexico and other countries of the region, as well as educational resources like the massive Spanish-based database on psychoactive substances The Universe of Drugs and the notorious campaign whose face is a puppet called Lugo, who talks about harm reduction for younger audiences throughout the internet. He is also part of different regional and international networks such as Youth Rise, Mind Surf, the (Nightlife) Harm Reduction Network of the Americas and he is currently the regional representative of the Latin American Network of People who Uses Drugs (LANPUD) and the Chair of the board of directors of the International Network of People who Uses Drugs (INPUD). Besides being actively working in the drug policy reform international movement he is deeply involved with alternative medicine, holistic therapy, music and vibrational medicine, psychedelic research and science and besides collaborating on the formation of a Mexican Multidisciplinary Network of Psychedelic Research, Medicine and Culture he is in the process of launching the Psychedelic Society Mexico, looking to provide a social platform and network that supports and promotes a new approach to the potential benefits of the psychedelic experience and the therapeutic, mystical, traditional and religious use of sacred plant-based Medicine.

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