Traditional & Modern Use of Psychedelics: A Curer’s perspective

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Simon will discuss his observations made in the course operating of a busy private practice in Australia where an increasing number of clients seek assistance in mediating overwhelming impacts of psychedelic use, treating patients at an Amazonian drug addiction treatment centre, and working with Indigenous leaders to mediate impacts of colonialism and generational woundings. He will speak of the lack of extant language in modern Western culture to address the Indigenous world of spirits and their movements, and of the difficulties inherent in an endeavour to psychologise the use of “shamanic” plants. This can lead to gaps in treatment knowledge and lack of awareness of pitfalls in psychedelic use, which have known responses in Indigenous systems of medicine. Simon has been working in the realm of plant based Curanderismo for the past 14 years, but began his psychedelic explorations over two an a half decades ago. In the course of this journey he has also had significant engagement with other forms of traditional healing from both Meztizo and Indigenous perspectives. The unique perspective thus garnered affords him a capacity to see quite clearly some of the benefits to paying close attention to Indigenous worldview when it comes to working in the realm of psychedelics. Conversely it provides a facility to see also where more binary methods of scientific enquiry should be brought to bear.

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