3 Ways to Better Target Your Audience

by · Sep 21, 2016 · 26 views ·

Savvy customers demand to be seen, heard, and want a message that resonates. Thanks to targeting, it’s now more possible than ever before to acquire the level of data necessary to communicate meaningful messages to your recipients. Through strategic targeting, brands can get a sense of prospects’ propensity to convert, create nurture tracks based on conversion likelihood, and understand how frequency and tone impact conversion. Once you have the data and intelligence to translate data into likelihood to buy, segmentation enables the team to properly implement. In this interactive session, Carly Schrager demonstrate how a robust data ecosystem can achieve great, quantifiable results. Attendees will leave being better able to: Know how to get data needed email or marketing automation system Learn ways to translate data into something used to target their messaging Leverage data and scoring in a way that marketers can easily use this information in their day-to-day work to see quantifiable results.

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