Expandable RecyclerViews and You

by · Sep 29, 2016 · 242 views ·

Since it's launch at Google IO '14, RecyclerView has become the de-facto tool for displaying collection views. Unlike it's predecessor, ListView, RecyclerView is decoupled from the classic AbsListview and delegates all the different components required to show and animate a collection to a variety of other APIs - such as the RecyclerView.Adapter and LayoutManager. While RecyclerView definitely offers a brighter more customizable future - it is also still in it's infancy. Which means we don't get a lot of the basic use cases out of the box like we had with ListView. In this session we will walk through step by step how to replace one of the lost ListView subclasses - ExpandableListView. We will create our own custom RecyclerView.Adapter, and RecyclerView.ViewHolders to achieve a list that expands and collapses it's sections. And as a fun bonus at the end we'll even take a quick look at how we can add single and multi select functionality to the sections in our ExpandableRecyclerView.

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