Integrating SDKs - secrets, strategies, and automated performance testing

by · Sep 30, 2016 · 54 views ·

Building a successful mobile app today requires more than just writing and worrying about your own code. The Android ecosystem has exploded with hundreds of services to help you manage your mobile app data and business, and many of those services provide SDKs. As Android developers it's up to you to evaluate these SDKs before letting them into your app. Though SDKs may be a necessity - it's up to you to build an approach to SDKs that optimizes your app quality, while minimizing the time you spend maintaining each SDK. What's in a typical SDK? Can I read its source? What are the privacy implications? What are the memory, network usage, and other performance implications of adding it? This talk will give an overview of data and SDK strategies, enumerate common Android app performance and quality impacts, and discuss automated test tooling that you can integrate to analyze SDK impact and build better apps.

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