A mile in your shoes – how doctors from Somatic medical fields can benefit from Psychedelic self-experience as well as Mental health professionals

by · Oct 1, 2016 · 855 views ·

The potential use of Psychedelics as tools of self-experience for Mental health professionals, especially Psychiatrists, has been a core idea of Psychedelic Science right from the beginning. Named „Delysid“, LSD was marketed for the induction of so-called „Model-Psychosis“ in 1949 already. Based on the assumption that living through Psychosis-like states of Consciousness would better the therapist’s understanding of their patients’ inner worlds and thereby enhance their therapeutic abilities. In hospital settings, non-ordinary states of consciousness are not exclusive to Psychiatric wards, but are also common in Somatic fields of medicine. Dementia as a comorbidity in elderly patients, acute Delirium in ICU patients as a consequence of physical trauma or substance abuse are just a few examples of these processes. In this presentation, the potential benefit of Psychdelic self-experience for doctors from the Somatic disciplines will be explored and a connection to more recent concepts such as Spiritual Emergencies will be highlighted.

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