Blockchain Uses: Distributed ledger technologies

by · Nov 30, 2016 · 106 views ·

Jason Dispenza has over 15 years' experience in energy systems and finance and construction, serving in sales and executive positions, and, since 2006, as the CEO of an energy services company, EDGE Energy, which is based near Washington DC and employs roughly 50 people across five states. In 2014, he founded, a 501c3 nonprofit, focused on restoring data rights to citizens and helping the Dept of Energy understand the needs of the Home Performance and Green Building and Solar industries' respective credit markets and the interoperability enhancements from using a federated blockchain zone. Blockchains have the power to do several game-changing things like putting homeowners in control of their data, vastly reducing human redundancy and rebate center program bureaucracy, and connecting energy project owners to the Internet of Money and new credit markets. envisions a future where the proliferation of carbon farming technologies or human processes aimed at reversing climate change is made more effective with interoperable software like the blockchains might provide. This work lead Jason to start in May of 2016. At, they are exploring crypto-coin offerings which are tied to the existing energy credit markets. Also, they have completed blockchain demonstrations for clients in the energy, health, education, and automotive industries, with an ultimate aim of releasing a blockchain inter-operability platform for crowd-funded social initiatives and credits in 2017.