Be My Eyes

by · Dec 1, 2016 · 171 views ·

Be My Eyes is a free mobile app that aims to make the world more accessible for the blind & visually impaired. Even though many blind & visually impaired people can go about their lives without assistance, there are situations where an extra pair of helpful eyes is invaluable. These moments vary from reading the expiry date of foods or getting assistance with handouts in school to more complex issues like navigating new surroundings or understanding complicated technical matters. Be My Eyes enables blind & visually impaired people to connect with sighted volunteers all over the world by simply making a video call on a smartphone. This entrepreneurial project combines digital technology with social interaction to help the community help. The beauty of Be My Eyes lies in connecting the blind with the sighted, thus helping someone in a pinch overcome daily struggles by providing valuable aid instantly, while allowing friendships to grow through digital innovation.

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