HAIZE, the magic compass

by · Dec 1, 2016 · 106 views ·

HAIZE is a smart navigation device with app technology for urban cyclists, helping to ride, to explore and to stay safe. HAIZE combines stylish design with high value materials and innovative functionality. To overcome problems associated with the use of car-centered google maps, HAIZE offers a Bluetooth-enabled compass that uses the mobile phone’s GPS and Bluetooth to point to the final destination. The smart compass provides easily readable information, thus reducing accidents caused by the use of mobile phones when cycling. This project delivers a new method of cycle navigation and other innovations to improve the convenience and fun of urban cycling. No need to juggle the phone on the handlebars! With increasing urbanization, governments all around the world are promoting the use of bikes, for greener, safer, more efficient, sustainable and inclusive mobility. With this elegant easy-to-use gadget, HAIZE can help millions of cyclists to arrive at their desired destination or to explore new routes without losing their direction. http://www.onomo.net http://eu-youthaward.org/

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