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European Youth Award

DayCape is a mobile app helping people with ASD (Autism Spectrum Disorders) to manage life at home and in school by providing structured support. DayCape uses a to-do tool with visual flash cards and pictures added to help people with ASD and their families to plan and follow easily routine tasks, such as tooth brushing, cleaning of one’s room, going to school, playing, or preparing of homework. The application allows parents, assistants and teachers to connect with and support children and youth with ASD in the planning and execution of a daily schedule. Parents and teachers can place visualized activities on a dashboard and remind the user of upcoming tasks via the mobile device. DayCape impresses with its agile tools: the picture schedule and easy-to-use simple dashboard enhance collaboration, facilitate prioritization and lead to the overall completion of tasks. Successful outcomes decrease stress and allow a well-organized small community to provide safety and support to people with ASD.