Unimersiv - Largest platform for VR educational experiences

by · Dec 1, 2016 · 193 views ·

Unimersiv is the first platform for educational Virtual Reality experiences. Educational systems across Europe continue to be primarily based on routine activities with few outlets for creativity and imagination. Unimersiv aims to change that by allowing students to engage in learning-by-doing virtually. The Unimersiv app includes multiple educational experiences that offer users learning experiences using a Virtual Reality headset to easily access multiple educational scenarios in one space. The app includes four items produced in house: travel to the International Space Station; discovery of prehistorical Stonehenge as it was 5000 years ago; an interactive exploration of the human body, in particular, the cardiovascular system; and an exploration of the Titanic before the tragic sinking. The Unimersiv team also plans to open up the app for hosting educational content produced by third parties. The product has been downloaded by a substantial number of VR enthusiasts, indicating that VR is not only great for gaming, but also for educational purposes. https://unimersiv.com http://eu-youthaward.org/

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