WebPack: It's Not Magic

by · Jan 27, 2017 · 138 views ·

Webpack seems to have taken over the JavaScript world, and people are singing its asset-compilation praises everywhere. No need to include tons of script tags in your HTML! No more worrying about dependency ordering! Now you can smoosh all your files together into a single asset! It's the future! You've taken a look at Webpack's docs. They are confusing, and the API is obscure. But did you know Webpack's core functionality is so simple you could write it yourself? No, seriously! If you understand closures in JavaScript, you can understand Webpack. If you've wanted to use Webpack but were intimidated by how complicated it is, this talk is for you. We'll walk through a step-by-step example, turning a repo of separate files into a single asset by recreating Webpack's process. You’ll leave with a super-solid mental model of Webpack and the ability to read its output and debug like a pro.

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