Let him vilify: Violence in media or media violence?

by · May 9, 2017 · 195 views ·

When it comes to language, it becomes a powerful tool of exercising violence. Ricoeur states that once the language is used for creating false meanings in speech, it turns into “the voice of violence” (1998: 33-34). In our view, media exploits the following aspects of violence: a systemic violence of the state realized through the propaganda and “living in a lie” social mode and the acceptance of the public of such state of affairs at least verbally; media violence per se that acts as a mouthpiece of the ruling majority and chooses the angle of reporting the events; a symbolic violence that is reflected in the use of language for instilling the ideas of a dominant social order; an objective violence or the act of violence itself verbalized in the non-distorted way and thus not reducing the language; and subjectivized, or in certain cases fictionalized, violence which is presented as voices of the participants in the acts of violence.