Why Android Will Get the Next Billion People Online

by · Apr 10, 2017 · 118 views ·

More than 4 billion of the roughly 7 billion people on Earth now have the ability to get online, thanks in large part to the rise of Android. Yet, there are 1.3 billion smartphone users living in emerging market countries like India or Indonesia who are limited by the relative high cost of mobile data. 500 MB of data costs a user in India 17 hours of minimum-wage work in India. In the United States, the same amount of data costs only 3.5 hours worth of minimum-wage-work. But, the hunger for Internet access and smartphones is not slowing down. By 2020, emerging markets will have more than 2.5 billion smartphone users and the demand for Internet access will increase by 500%. In his closing keynote, Nathan will address the importance of Internet access via smartphones and the powerful role that Android development plays in getting the next billion online, He will ultimately aim to inspire Android developers in Boston to create technologies that will change the future of the world’s economies.

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