The Feminine Capital Rhythm

Oct 1, 2017



Viola Edward is Venezuelan born in Kirkuk Iraq, her father was Iraqi-Assyrian and her mother was Lebanese. After her father death family moved to Lebanon Viola was 5, and then emigrated to Venezuela at the age of 13. Love moved her to Cyprus in 2003. She is Transpersonal Psychotherapist-Coach specializing in Relationships and Breathwork-Coaching Training, Business Clarity and Colour-Image consultancy. International speaker and author, who has published two books: “Breathing the Rhythm of Success” 1999 and “Who Makes the Bed? 7 steps into nurturing intimacy beyond the myth” 2017 Viola is the Creator of Feminine Capital Rhythm which has two pillars. The first, a programme, designed for women to re-discover themselves, their rhythm and power in order to balance the light and the shadow of their feminine and masculine energies and bring this equilibrium to their families, colleagues and communities. The second, an international forum presenting speakers & panels on different areas of life to empower women to embrace their femininity and men their masculinity and break free to create a more sustainable society. The forum gives inspirational awards to outstanding people, and the first successful event was in Kyrenia Cyprus last May and next one is in December in Limassol and then Brussels and Amsterdam. The Feminine Capital Forum also migrates successfully to different cities around the world. “I have been a migrant many times in my life recreating myself every time. Creating, working, exploring and expanding in a sustainable way has been my passion since I had to interrupt formal schooling at the age of 13 and started working. Non-formal education has been my best companion and I am delighted to create spaces to learn and grow individually and in group.” Viola’s alternative educational pathway has enabled her to learn from a wide range of acclaimed teachers in the many subjects that interest her. Customising her own process of self-development, she has been able to adapt and improve her acquired skills, creating a truly personalised support framework, specific to her clients’ needs, within the environment of holistic well-being. Viola has worked with thousands of people, using her practical methods to help them unlock the infinite possibilities hidden in each of them and find the courage to start their own journey to achieve their full potential. Now, at 58, she works in her studio located in Kyrenia on the north shore of the island, looking down over the rustling olive trees to the sparkling, sapphire blue Mediterranean and enjoys taking the time to travel abroad and teach her creation of the Feminine Capital Rhythm, the Alchemy of Emotion and Relational Capital among others. 2017 Awards: WEF- Women Economic Forum in The Hague, International Author Award, Radio Works World in London and The Inspirational Award for Woman in London. Viola is frequently invited as a speaker to International events.



About International Transpersonal Conference

The mission of the conference is to present an exclusive series of lectures, panel discussions and experiential workshops delivered by legendary founders of transpersonal psychology such as Stanislav Grof, Ervin Laszlo, Rick Doblin, Alex Grey, Dean Radin and many more key figures of the current transpersonal movement, as well as from other disciplines such as inner health, psychotherapy and clinical research, Psychedelics, shamanism, collective psychics and social transformation, mystical spirituality and more ..

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