Understanding Ourselves Through Embryonic Morphology

Oct 1, 2017



During the first approximately 49 days of our embryonic existence we have been through various phases, which are reminiscent of the main kingdoms in nature: the mineral, plant, animal and a fourth human phase. In order to understand more about our true nature, we look at the different "ways of being" of these four phases from the perspective of Goethean science. This comparative approach then allows us to search for patters and principles behind the changing forms observed during this period. Here we argue that each person is an organism, a "living being" that starts life in this dimension as a zygote, which then takes various shapes and forms. However, an increase in complexity does not imply an increase in what we are; our essence stays the same. This means that we are not a mere sum of our parts, the embryo cries out that wholeness comes first and through a process of differentiation it manifests into different forms.



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