Child Abuse, Trauma, MDMA Therapy and The Future of Medicine

by · Jun 22, 2018 · 78 views ·

In this lecture, Dr Sessa will describe the developmental roots of adult mental disorder and addictions as they arise from childhood trauma. He will discuss the relationship between a child’s fearful environment and the adaptive generation of post-trauma symptoms as a survival mechanism for the isolated child. He will describe how the difficulties in managing PTSD and trauma with current psychiatric practice, the scourge of psychiatric over-prescribing and the inefficiencies of our current best psychotherapies, has lead him to embrace MDMA Therapy as psychiatry’s best new innovative approach to tackling mental disorder. Exploring the pharmacology of MDMA, he will relate its psychological effects to its receptor profile and describe how MDMA is the ideal drug to assist trauma-focused psychotherapy for the stuck patient who is too traumatised to engage in traditional psychiatric approaches. Sessa will illustrate his talk with reference to the Bristol-based study currently underway exploring MDMA Therapy as a tool to overcome the notoriously difficult to treat condition of Alcohol Use Disorder. He will conclude with a focus on the global psychedelic renaissance and a call to arms for people everywhere to get involved with what is medicine and society’s most exciting new development of the last fifty years.