Questioning the Status Quo: Re-imagining Pathways, Structures, and Incentives in Scientific Careers

by · Jul 8, 2018 · 26 views ·

Aspiring scientists must navigate a training environment that exists within an increasingly hyper competitive funding landscape. Under the current incentive structure, many may struggle to escape positions of dependence on others for their position and career advancement; to find the appropriate pathway for them to channel their scientific interest and career aspirations (including those that may not even yet exist); and to find the resources and teaching environment to learn those skills needed in a wide range of scientific roles. How do we give early career scientists agency, and help them feel empowered? This workshop will explore how to drive grassroots efforts for change at institutions and across academia. After a summary presenting background information about the current research environment, participants will discuss challenges we face in answering questions, benefiting society and maximizing the use of scientists produced through training. Participants will then discuss how to overcome those problems, and who can effect change. The aim is to construct an actionable plan that participants can use at their own institutions, and together, to effect change. Speaker Recommended Resources: Rescuing US Biomedical Research from its systemic flaws ( Shaping the Future of Research: a perspective from junior scientists ( NASEM ‘Breaking through’ report ( NASEM ‘Graduate STEM Education for the 21st Century’ report ( NASEM ‘Sexual harassment of women’ report ( Lab notes on power in academia (

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