"Hal Inta Sah'i?": Recreational Use of Psychedelics Among Palestinian Citizens of Israel

Jun 22, 2018



The project attempts to determine the source of local knowledge about the recreational use of psychedelic substances among Palestinian citizens of Israel. How and to what extent do these users acquire knowledge about their own experiences, as appose to that which is external and produced elsewhere and in different procedures? Using primarily ethnographic tools, we will ascertain the scope, form, and context of psychedelics use in the Palestinian-Israeli community, drawing conclusions about communication and knowledge production among users. In attempting to answer this question, the researchers will compare the experience of Palestinian citizens of Israel with that of Israeli Jews, considering the role of religion and traditional values, relationship with structures of power, socioeconomic and minority status in the national community, and access to globalized knowledge. We ask: what contexts lead to local knowledge production of beneficial use of psychedelics? We will consider social norms surrounding the recreational use of substances, recreational culture in general, the formation of counter-culture, and the role of spirituality in the respective communities. Through interviews and exposure to the subject community, we will solidify and rework the notion of local knowledge processes in the context of psychedelic use in Palestinian-Israeli ethnic and religious groups, and explore the interconnectedness between Palestinian- and Jewish-Israeli local knowledge communities.



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